Football Games

The Band Boosters are a volunteer run organization.  We need you help at football games !!  Please consider stepping in to help in any of the roles listed below.  If you're interested,please email us at
Football Game - Sign-Up Opportunities coming soon!
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 Job/Role      Volunteers
     Pre-game Setup/Post-game Cleanup

     Uniform Check-Out

     Props and Backdrops

     Music To/From Field


     Drum Major Stand

     Merchandise Table

Games - Pre-game setup and Post-game Tear Down (approx 30 minutes before game)

Before game: Place seat covers on bleachers in the section where the band sits. Hang the Big Blue Band sign and hang the caution tape. Ensure water coolers, plumes, wagon, first aid kit, and drum major stands are taken to field and placed in the stands.

After game:  Wipe down, fold up and put away seat covers. Take down Big Blue Band sign. Take down caution tape. Ensure water coolers, plumes, wagon, and drum major stands are returned to the band room. Clean up our band area in the stands.

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Games - Uniform Check-Out (a half hour before Call Time and after the game)

Distributing uniforms and hats to students prior to game in the band room. Collect the uniforms after the game and hang them back up.

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Games - Backdrops & Props (approx 30 minutes before game, during halftime, and immediately after the game)

Consists of taking backdrops and props to the field before the game.  Then taking them on to the field for the half-time show and setting them up, and removing them right after the show.  Then returning them to the band room/storage after the game.

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Games - Plumes (during halftime)

Assist students with placing plumes in their hats before half-time and removing them after the half-time show.

Games - Music To/From Field (before/after game)

Ensure large plastic bags containing students' flip folders/music have been carried to the field before the game, and returned to the band room after the game.

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Games - Drum Major Stands (during halftime)

Take the drum major stand(s) from the stands to the field.  Set up drum major stand(s) for the half time show. Return them to the bleachers right after the show.  Requires some physical strength.

Games - Merchandise Table (about 1/2 hour before and during Game)

Staff the merchandise table to sell cups, shirts and other merchandise to support the band.

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