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Fundraising Events

Fundraisers help provide financial support for band-related activities.  Funds raised have paid for items such as music, marching drill, additional instruction, and equipment.  Please help support the band by participating in these important events.

Harkins Cups and Gift Cards 

2018 Harkins Theatre Loyalty Cups

$10 Gift Cards!
Taking <Pre-Orders> Now!

The 2018 Harkins Theatre Loyalty Cup vouchers and physical cups (see details below) are $6.00 each and allow you to get $1.50 refills from November 10th, 2017 through the end of 2018!

You can use the $10 Harkins Theatre gift cards ($10 each) to purchase Harkin's t-shirts, pay for admission, or buy concessions. 

They make great gifts!

Please let your friends and family know that we will be selling them!
The items are the same price as the theatre, but we get the profit instead!

Please pre-order to ensure we have enough for you.

<click here to pre-order>

Items ordered by 11/5/17 will be available for pickup on 11/10/17.

Sales will continue beyond that date.

Cup Details:

You now have the option to purchase cup vouchers or the physical cups for $6.00

  • When you purchase a cup voucher, you get your cup filled with a soft drink at no cost when you exchange it for your cup at the concession stand (a $1.50 value).
  • If you purchase a physical cup, it will cost $1.50 to fill it the first time.
If you discover you need more cup vouchers, physical cups, or gift cards after you have placed your initial order, just order again (or email us) with the additional items needed.  There is a field on the order form to add a note for clarification.

Save Aluminum Cans - All year long!

 Save Your Cans for Band!

Please save your aluminum cans and plastic water bottles and bring them to the band room.  

This fundraiser is year round!

You can place them in the bin in the band room or give them directly to Mrs. McWhorter.