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Fundraising Events

Fundraisers help provide financial support for band-related activities.  Funds raised have paid for items such as music, marching drill, additional instruction, and equipment.  Please help support the band by participating in these important events.

Hurricane Harbor (formerly Wet-n-Wild) Day Pass Ticket Sales
Price is only $28!! (Regular price is $45.99)
Boosters will receive a $7 profit on each ticket sold!
This is a parent only fundraiser!  Students are not allowed to sell. 
More information to come!!

Will occur throughout the summer & fall.  Keep an eye out for forthcoming events!

Harkins Cups and Gift Cards 

2018 Harkins $10 Gift Cards!
Available NOW 

You can use the $10 Harkins Theatre gift cards ($10 each) to purchase pay for admission or buy concessions. 

They make great gifts!

Please let your friends and family know that we  are selling them!
The items are the same price as the theatre, but we get the profit instead!