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Gradebook Symbols

Several symbols are used to keep track of data in the PowerSchool gradebook, particularly for "Lesson Preparation" grades.  Below is a list of those symbols, what they mean, and how they affect a student's grades.
ACT or Ex – You had to miss a lesson due to a class activity, such as a test, guest speaker, or field trip. You turned in an Excuse Form that was signed by the teacher or coach in charge of that activity. Score: “Excused

FORGOT – You forgot to go to your lesson, but you did turn in an Excuse Form. Score: 50%

UA – This stands for “Undocumented Absence.” In other words, you didn’t go to a lesson, and you didn’t turn in an excuse form. Score: 0%

– You were not in school during your lesson time, but you did turn in an Excuse Form. Score: “Excused” (No positive or negative impact on your grade)

NoInst – You weren’t able to attend a lesson because you did not have your instrument at school. You did, however, turn in an Excuse Form. Score: 50%
PVT – You received credit for taking lessons from a private instructor. Score: 100%